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About Our Meditations

Healthy Benefits for Everyone, not just Zen masters!

The act of going into that deep state of meditative relaxation can provide you with some superb and extremely powerful benefits to your health and wellbeing. Doing it regularly (ideally daily), can also have a cumulative effect, and help you to see genuine, real and tangible improvements in your wellbeing and state of mind, including less stress, better sleep, better concentration, sharper thinking, reduced anxiety, greater creativity, and much more.

The very best thing of all though, is how incredibly simple and easy it is to achieve…

Our Guided Meditations = Zero Effort

Almost anyone can easily achieve that very deep state of meditative relaxation by using our “guided meditations”.  You don’t need any effort, skill, training or even patience to achieve it; Just an ability to sit back, chill-out and listen through headphones, just as you would listening to music.  

We do all the work for you

Our guided meditations are high quality audio recordings, fundamentally designed to help people reach a deeply relaxed meditative state with absolute ease and no training whatsoever.  As easy as listening to music, they are crafted to be highly effective on everyone, especially those not really ‘into’ meditation.


Our audio can take you into a deeply relaxed meditative state quickly and efficiently from where you can reap the amazing benefits that meditation has to offer, as well as experience profound calmness, inspiration and insight.

Our meditations are pleasant and entertaining to listen to. With high quality music, stereo or 3D sound effects, and a gentle guiding voice.  

We do all the work for you, guiding you through the wonderful and enjoyable process of reaching that blissful state of ultra-deep relaxation, whilst offering you amazing visualisations of dreamy worlds.

The recordings are often in the format of guided, first-person-perspective stories set in pleasant and agreeable environments that are usually very atmospheric.  We add a gentle story narration, sound effects and good quality music that correspond with the storyline, to create the ambiance of a scene which ultimately, through the power of your mind, can make it seem like you are there.

Our listeners say they can start to reach a state of deep relaxation within a minute or two, or less, and many have their favourite tracks they listen to daily.  We are also told all the time, of the amazing health benefits people are noticing from using our guided meditation audio recordings. Just read through some of our YouTube comments and see for yourself.

Why we make these Guided Meditations

Our meditations are made with one simple purpose: To try to help people. Most of our recordings are uploaded to YouTube and are available for free, so that anyone with Internet access can listen to them.

We try to provide what is most needed by reading the comments and listening to feedback through our YouTube and Facebook pages. In this way, we hope to reach out to many different people with different needs, such as sleep, relaxation, relief from anxiety, and healing, as well as just a need for general relaxation through our guided fantasy relaxation stories.

Every meditation we make is produced with genuine care and love for the people who use them, because we too, have needed the kind of help they offer. We care and we understand the importance of what we are doing.

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Meditation - It’s Not Always What You Think it is!

To many of us in the western-world, the word “meditation” can often be associated with a certain stereotype that may put us off getting involved with it. Many think of meditation as being a bit “woo-woo”, or perhaps too dull or boring to get involved with.

We might see it as something difficult, that requires training, skill and dedication in order to be able to do it, and many will quote the classic phrase “I can’t meditate”, as if it were some rare magical ability only bestowed upon ‘chosen ones’.  

We know this, because we too once held those same views on meditation. You know the ones we mean; Those images of strangely dressed folks sitting cross-legged on the floor chanting weird sounds and appearing to be tripping-out on deep, meaning of life stuff.

You Don’t Need to Sit on the Floor!

Thankfully, “meditation” doesn’t have to be anything like the stereotype many of us may think it is. You do not need to attend classes to meditate, nor do you need to sit on the floor, have statues of deities placed around you, you don’t need candles, incense, or any of the other paraphernalia you might think you need, although if you want to have and do all that stuff, that's perfectly okay too.

All you really need, to experience the deep meditative state and the amazing benefits that come from it, is a comfy place to sit or lay down, and a pair of headphones.

Simplicity at its best

Meditation at its most basic level can be the very simple act of allowing your body and mind to go into an extremely deep state of relaxation. Of course, there are more advanced methods available to those who want to take it further, and that is a matter of personal choice. Those advanced methods are, however, wholly unnecessary for you to begin reaping the incredible and powerful health benefits that this deep relaxation practice can produce.

Our kind of meditation

Firstly, Why Meditate at All?

The simple and pleasingly short answer is this:  Meditation, can bring about amazing, tangible, even life-changing benefits to your health and wellbeing. It costs nothing. It can be done anywhere at any time of day, and you don’t need to sit on the floor to do it!