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Biography of the team behind the meditations

Who are The Honest Guys?

It’s quite funny really, when we set up The Honest Guy’s channel on YouTube all those years ago, it was originally intended to be a channel for giving honest opinions and reviews on various self-improvement methods and systems. Over time however, the channel found itself on a somewhat different path, but by then, the channel had already become quite well established, so we decided to stick with the name.

Our creative team is made up of three dedicated individuals; Siân, Rick and Kevin each of whom play a very distinct role in the production of the guided meditations.  


The face behind the words

Script Writer

Siân has been writing since she was ten years old, as she says 'Just for me, because I had stories to tell.' She lived in a small village during childhood, and loves the countryside, nature, and peace and quiet. She is a bookworm, who can't remember learning to read, and a long-time fan of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

She comes from a family of teachers who were interested in holistic medicine and alternative therapies, so has been familiar with them from a young age.

In writing the meditation scripts Siân hopes to be able to help people who have suffered 'mentally or physically, as she is familiar with both.

Her dream is to live in Wales and continue to write.

The face behind the voice

Voiceover & Video

The face behind the scenes




Rick provides the calming voice for the guided meditations and creates the videos and some of the music. He also has a substantial following on his own YouTube channel (Rickvanman) where he makes video logs and other videos covering a wide variety of subject matter from gardening to video making.

Rick is a huge fan of guided meditations and has first-hand experience of just how effective they can be.

“As a big-time anxiety sufferer myself, I know from personal experience just how much guided meditations can, and do help people. We regularly get very heartfelt messages from people telling us how much our meditations have helped improve their quality of life and it can move me to tears reading them.

I feel very humbled by, and proud of, what we are doing here.”

Kevin does much work behind the scenes designing and developing ideas/concepts for videos on the THG channel, as well as taking care of the administration.

He reads a great deal; his reading material includes the books of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Greg Braden, among many others.

When he is not producing for The Honest Guys channel, he likes to relax through gaming, listening to music and reading.

"I am very grateful for the amazing and heartfelt support we've been shown on The Honest Guys channel and it humbles me to know that our work has helped so many people, and will continue to do so into the future."

Our ethos is to be as all-inclusive and as neutral as possible.

We have no religious or any other affiliations and we try to keep most of our meditations suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender, culture or belief.

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