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The Ultimate Sleep Album

After many requests from our subscribers, we have created an album dedicated to helping you get to sleep.

The album contains over 10 HOURS of high quality relaxing content that can help even the most stubborn insomniacs get some zzz’s.

 The album contains some of our most popular sleep talk-down favourites that you can listen to directly from the convenience of your MP3 player.

Available now for immediate download.

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The Honest Guys

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Since 2009 we have been creating enjoyable, high quality audio tracks, that can bring

positive life-changing health benefits, with virtually zero effort required.

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The Elven Odyssey

We are thrilled to announce that our long-awaited Elven Guided Fantasy Meditation Album is now available!  

Inspired by stories like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, this album contains a unique selection of 4 professionally recorded fantasy Guided Meditation stories, all based on the mystical Elves.

In these high quality recordings, YOU get to become the main character, meeting and interacting with the Elves as they prepare for their epic journey home.

Available now for immediate download.

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Guided Meditation Albums

The Ultimate Mind-Power Collection

Coming soon!

15th September

This album is a unique selection of 12 high quality guided meditations designed to compliment and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The health of the mind is so important, and is often overlooked, even in healthy lifestyle regimes. The Ultimate Mind-Power Collection redresses that balance. It provides quick and simple-to-use recordings designed to help you achieve a high degree of mental well-being alongside your physical well-being.

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Running Deep

The Honest Guys are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking and unprecedented collaboration album, involving some of the world’s most popular meditation leaders.

The album has been designed specifically for joggers and runners, with each of 6 artists contributing two tracks specifically written for this album. There is something for everyone, with tracks of varying lengths, voices, musical styles, and meditative approaches, bringing something very special, exciting and unique to the running world.

    Out Now!

More details at: runnersmeditation.com

More Albums Coming soon!

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